Alexander Safonov (pats0n) wrote,
Alexander Safonov

japan mon amour #2

Phoenix hall at Byodo-in temple, Uji, Japan

Canon EOS 350D + Canon EF-S 10-22mm

Wikipedia reference

Byodo-in temple is the only surviving authentic example of Heian architecture style in Japan. Phoenix hall on the image above was built in 1053, which makes it 950+ years old and one of the oldest surviving wooden buildings in the world. Being one of the most iconic Japanese cultural properties it was placed on the 10 yen coin - symbolizing it's importance. Inside Phoenix hall sacred image of Amida Buddha is kept, which can be viewed only during designated hours - and it is not possible to take photographs of it.

I made many, many photos of Byodo-in during different seasons. This one is one of the best, which I took in April, just before sakura blossoms...
Tags: gardens, japan, week019
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