November 19th, 2012

japan mon amour #1

Autumn walk in Koko-en garden, Himeji, Japan

Canon EOS 350D + Canon EF-S 10-22mm

this is three exposure image tonemapped in Photomatix and color corrected in Photoshop

Wikipedia reference

These days I'm barely interested in top-side photography, my mind is fully occupied by underwater activities. However while living in Japan since 1998 to 2009 I used to take a lot of pictures of this incredibly beautiful country, using different processing techniques for final presentation. Sometimes I feel nostalgia about that I consider one of the my favorite places in the world - especially during autumn, time when Japanese landscapes are especially beautiful. I decided to publish sequence of old photos I took at different years in new 1150 resolution - diversifying my photo stream a bit with completely different theme !

Image above is taken in Koko-en - beautiful landscape garden in the town called Himeji. It is not very old garden, actually it was created in 1992 by Kyoto university professor as his project of bringing several traditional styles into single place. Result is quite impressive and barely carries any kitschy qualities often characteristic for modern replicas of old style...