October 12th, 2012

south african baitball team #4

Diving cape gannet, Wild Coast, South Africa

Nikon D300 + Nikkor 12-24mm, strobes Sea&Sea YS-250x2

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Another important member of South African baitball team - cape gannet ! Big flocks of birds follow dolphins pods, and typically photographers would chase those flocks to locate action in open ocean ! ^_^

shooting diving cape gannets is not trivial task, they enter water at speed sometimes exceeding 60 km/h, making loud low frequency boom noise, and it took few attempts before relative success. Approach finally used - while sitting in the bait ball once sound of bird entering was heard I was stretching camera with fixed parameters on my hands and making 360 degrees turn, hitting trigger every time spotting bird next to my port. This is one of the resulting images.