November 28th, 2011

cape gannets week #3

Cape gannet catching sardine, Wild Coast, South Africa

Nikon D300 + Nikkor 12-24mm, Compact Dome port, strobes Sea&Sea YS-250 x 2

this image is not cropped, exposure correction in Adobe Lightroom

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Gotcha ! It took a while to make this photo showing successful attempt of gannet on the sardine. In the end everybody was happy and safe - gannet, school of sardines, photographer - everyone except one small unlucky fish ! ^_^

This shot was taken during early morning with beautiful directed sunlight - this is why it's possible to see sun-rays bursting through the water column. When shooting images underwater we always try to have sun in front either on the left or right side - very different from top-side photography where direct sun exposure must be avoided for the most of shots !