November 24th, 2011

coral gardens week #3

Vitaliy Sokol shooting soft corals at Carpet Cove divesite, Fiji

Nikon D300 + Nikkor 10.5mm, Pro One dome port, strobes Sea&Sea YS-250 x 2

this image 15% cropped from the top and right, no color correction

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My friend vitaly_sokol photographing corals at beautiful Carpet Cove dive site. Fiji has one of the most beautiful population of soft corals in the world. Carpet Cove is called this way because corals covered walls of this site remind colorful carpet. Vitaly is wearing yummy yummy yellow dive suit which looks great on photo - but no way this kind of suit can be used while diving with sharks at nearby shark Reef - sharks are attracted to bright colors and this is really dangerous. When diving with sharks we always wearing dark colors.