September 16th, 2011

schools of fish #3

School of eagle rays and the diver, Wolf Island, Galapagos Archipelago, Ecuador

Nikon D300 + Nikkor 12-24mm, strobes Sea&Sea YS-250 x 2

this image is cropped 5% on left and right, artificially extended couple millimeters at the bottom, contrast enhancement and toning in Lightroom

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I'm continuing virtual in every sense "schools of fish week" with flying group of spotted eagle rays. I took this image during relaxed dive at one of the most wonderful underwater spots in the world - Wolf Island of Galapagos Archipelago. Similar to hammerhead sharks during daytime eagle rays congregate together into small schools. They "fly" in circles near reef locations serving as hunting grounds during night. These rays are truly gracious animals, reminding big birds with their relaxed wing flapping.

Recently I stumbled upon very nice virtual photography gallery site Like Behance Network it is driven by curators, you will not find there popular voting and other siliness of high-frequency vanity fairs like infamous 500px and similar places. Result of this approach is obvious - frontpage gallery consists of outstanding images, it's real pleasure to check it every day for few new great entries. After being in review for several days today my first image was selected into the site gallery. Another thing which makes this site really great - an option of selling high-quality prints of photographs. I'm going to add more images available for print orders in very near future - so if you ever wanted to hang one of my photos on your wall - it's your good chance ! :-)