August 4th, 2011

shark species #2

Whitetip reef shark and sun rays, shark Reef, Fiji

Nikon D300 + Nikkor 12-24mm, Pro One dome port, strobes Sea&Sea YS-250 x 2

this image is 5% cropped from bottom and right, slight temperature shift right in Lightroom

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Wikipedia reference

As photographer I have love-hate relationship with the white tip reef shark - they are interesting specie exhibiting different cool behavior patterns, they are also not as shy as reef black tips - but their cigar-like long body in combination with non-reflective texture makes it challenging subject for nice looking images ! In any case I'm of course still in love with them - especially because whitetip was first shark I saw underwater while on scuba - this happened in Sipadan island, in year 2003. I remember Sipadan whitetips - very small ones, rarely exceeding 1m, often travelling in small groups. That trip to Malaysia was my first trip ever with my own underwater camera - Olympus 3040 in native plastic housing - looked like piece of very sophisticated equipment to me back then ! :-) I got plenty of images on the beautiful reefs of Sipadan, but I did not manage to capture nice one with whitetip reef shark. It felt like tragic failure at time - I didn't want to take consolation in beautiful turtle or jack fish photos. I wanted my shark picture ! Anyway, one thing I can't complain about now is lack of whitetip shark images in my archive - I've seen them in tropical waters all around Pacific, in Indian ocean, but most memorable encounters are of course from Cocos and Galapagos - even if Wikipedia says that whitetips grow up to 1.6 meters - trust me, I've seen dozens and dozens of 2+ meter whitetips simultaneously many times. Whitetip shark is one of the subjects which is certainly going to have it's own week soon - I have so much material and stories to tell about these animals. Meanwhile enjoy this little bit banal image of whitetip shark with sun rays from beautiful Fiji, as we preparing to move up shark hierarchy to the third installment of shark specie week ! ;)

UPD: I just remembered that I actually started my LJ career with short report about trip to Sipadan mentioned above - - this is my very first post to LJ - vintage stuff ! :-D